County Council Candidate and Agent Information

Becoming a Candidate

Anyone considering standing as a candidate or an agent is strongly advised to read guidance and information provided by the Electoral Commission which can be found on the Local elections in England page of the Electoral Commission website.

In addition to meeting at least one qualification, you must ensure that you are not disqualified from standing. Please refer to the Electoral Commission’s guidance on qualifications and disqualifications.

Important guidance documents 

Guidance documents for candidates and agents are available to download below.



As with national elections, you and your campaigners should also have regard to the Electoral Commission's Code of Conduct for Campaigners, which outlines what is, and what is not, acceptable behaviour at polling stations and in the community during the lead up to polling day.

For any further information about the election please contact the Elections Office at North Kesteven District Council on 01529 308352 or by email

For information relating to the role of a Lincolnshire County Councillor please contact or phone 01522 552840.