Important information ahead of the 4 July General Election

A person entering an election Polling Station with a Polling Station sign outside
A person entering an election Polling Station

Polling Stations will be open on 4 July between 7am and 10am. 

In order to vote at a polling station, you will need to present one type of photo ID from the list of approved types. These include a valid photo driver’s licence, passport, MoD 90 identity card, an older or disabled person’s bus pass and blue badge. The full list can be found on your poll card, on our Voter ID page, and more detail can be found at the Electoral Commission website.

Since the last General Election there have been Polling Station changes particularly in Sleaford and North Hykeham. Please refer to your Poll Card when it arrives for more information on where your Polling Station can be found. 

If you no longer have your Poll Card you can also find your Polling Station online. You do not need your Poll Card in order to vote.

If you decide to hand-deliver any unreturned postal vote, including your own, to a Polling Station you will be required to complete a form. Any postal votes delivered without this will be rejected. You can return your postal vote to any Polling Station within the same constituency. For more information see our General Election 2024 page.

Do not post your vote into the Council Offices postbox as the relevant form must be completed. Any postal votes hand-delivered must have this form or they will not be counted. Only Sleaford and North Hykeham Constituency postal votes can be accepted at the NKDC offices in Sleaford, during office opening hours only. 

There is also now a limit on the number that you can hand in – no more than five postal ballot packs for other electors plus your own. Political campaigners cannot handle postal votes for other electors unless they are a close relative or someone for whom they provide regular care. 

Voting in local and general elections should be accessible to you, whichever method you choose to cast your vote. Please see our accessible voting page for specific guidance on accessibility when voting in person. There are also links to resources including from the British Deaf Association and Mencap.

A council’s role is in running the elections. It does not host or promote information relating to the candidates, other than what is shown in the Statement of Persons Nominated.

For the Sleaford and North Hykeham Constituency covering the majority of North Kesteven, the six candidates for election are:

  • Martin Christopher Blake – Green Party
  • Benjamin Jackson – Reform UK
  • Caroline Elizabeth Johnson – The Conservative Party Candidate
  • Hanif Ahmad Khan – Labour Party
  • Robert Arthur Oates – Lincolnshire Independents 
  • Matthew Ray Winnington – Liberal Democrats 

Following changes to the parliamentary boundaries 16 parish areas to the east and south of Sleaford now fall within the Grantham and Bourne Constituency and three parish areas at the north of the District remain in the Lincoln Constituency. 

Bracebridge Heath, Skellingthorpe and the East Ward of Waddington Parish Council vote within the Lincoln Constituency. The nine candidates here are:

  • Laura Victoria Ashby – Independent
  • Hamish Falconer – Labour Party
  • Sally Anne Horscroft – Green Party
  • Craig Jonathan Marshall – Social Democratic Party
  • Karl Ian McCartney – The Conservative Party Candidate
  • Jamie-Lee McMillan – Reform UK
  • Linda Richardson – Workers Party of Britain
  • Charles William Shaw – The Liberal Party Candidate 
  • Clare Frances Smalley – Liberal Democrats

Newly located into the newly-formed Grantham and Bourne Constituency are the parishes of Aswarby and Swarby, Aunsby and Dembleby, Burton Pedwardine and Burton Gorse, Culverthorpe and Kelby, Great Hale, Heckington, Helpringham, Little Hale, Newton and Haceby, Osbournby, Scredington, Silk Willoughby, Swaton, Threekingham, Walcot and Wilsford. 
The eight candidates here are:

  • Vipul Arvind Bechar – Labour Party
  • Gareth Mark Davies – The Conservative Party Candidate
  • Anne Elizabeth Gayfer – Green Party
  • Alexander Lesley Mitchell – Social Democratic Party
  • Charmaine Dawn Morgan – Lincolnshire Independents
  • Mike Rudkin – Reform UK
  • Ian Edward Selby – Independent
  • John William Vincent – Liberal Democrats

Unreturned postal votes for these constituencies cannot be accepted at the NKDC offices but need to be taken to the relevant council office or a Polling Station within the relevant constituency, where forms will need to be completed.

It is important to note that these reallocations of constituency only apply for parliamentary elections, not for other elections or district council operations.

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