Businesses surveyed on potential for resuming commercial waste collections

Large commercial bins
Large commercial bins

Consideration is being given to a resumption of commercial waste collections which would enable local businesses to buy-in to District Council refuse and recycling services.

Whilst the authority does not currently operate a commercial waste service, it does collect from certain non-domestic premises such as schools, village halls and charitable organisations on a discretionary, charged-for basis.

Following policy changes approved last autumn to ensure consistency in approach and to progress the potential for re-introducing a paid-for Council-run commercial waste service, District businesses and organisations are being surveyed on their current arrangements for waste management and appetite for change.

At this stage, this is merely scoping a potential service which may or may not be brought in at a later date. Until then, businesses are asked to continue managing waste and recycling in order to contribute positively to climate action for their business and the wider District.

Assistant Director for Environment and Public Protection, David Steels, said: “A primary aim in considering the re-introduction of an in-house commercial service is to offer businesses and community organisations an alternative to their current arrangements, whatever those are. 

“As operational costs and disposal fees continue to rise, it is appropriate and timely to consider the potential for charging those premises where legislation allows, and to ensure consistency for doing that. If we do ultimately determine to move forward with this initiative it will promote the financial and operational sustainability of valued and important services.

“Supporting businesses in making sure their waste is managed to best advantage is critical within our aims to ensure that best use is made of all resources and that as much waste is recycled as possible. As we explore the potential for this, we would greatly value any feedback businesses and organisations can give on how they currently manage their waste,” said Mr Steels.

The short survey can be accessed at: 
Responses are requested by June 21.

Under current legislation the Council can charge for collection from permitted premises including certain types of schools and businesses, community and village halls and care homes. Following the policy review, these charges will be considered and applied in a more consistent manner.

The Council did provide a commercial waste collection service up to 2007; since when private sector has taken this up in the main, but in certain circumstances the Council has continued to offer some degree of paid-for provision.

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