A New Year's Resolution - for the planet

A watercolour impression of the globe

Download these low cost - and even money-saving - actions you can take to help the planet. You could even print them off and tick the ones you intend to keep.


  • Switch any remaining halogen or old-type energy-saving bulbs for LED
  • Switch to a certified renewable energy tariff: have a look at the Uswitch website for information
  • Check your eligibility for energy efficiency upgrades and carry out simple draught-proofing: see The Energy Saving Trust website for a handy guide
  • Turn down your heating by one degree, unless advised otherwise for medical reasons
  • Plant more: all kinds of plants store carbon and help reduce flooding: download our guide for young people on our Biodiversity webpage


  • Commit to eliminating short car journeys: e.g. not driving for journeys within your village, or that take less than 5-10 minutes
  • Cut idling: turn your engine off if you’re waiting for more than 30 seconds. If you don’t need to use the accelerator to restart the engine, you’ll be saving money and emissions
  • Retry public transport: check whether your commute could be by train or bus – even some of the time. There’s even a new 50p fare on Sleafordian’s Around Town service, and many other companies are offering the £2 fares deal.


  • Buy fewer clothes and explore preloved: fashion’s environmental impact is huge so try and make clothes last longer or buy second hand
  • Visit a Repair Café: before deciding to replace a faulty item, see if it can be repaired
  • Reduce waste: every item we buy comes with emissions, whether from manufacturing or transport, so focus on reduce, reuse and repair

Food and drink

  • Reduce food waste: save money and emissions by cutting down on wasted food. Meal planning, freezing and checking use-by dates are your mainstays
  • Eat less meat: meat and poultry create more emissions than plant-based foods, so try adding one (more) meat-free day to your week
  • Refuse to use takeaway coffee cups or buy bottled water – go reusable

And finally…

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