Support North Kesteven Community Lottery as it celebrates its 2nd Birthday

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Since launching two years ago, the lottery has not only generated over £100,000 in revenue for good causes across North Kesteven but has also awarded individual winners more than £12,000 in prizes.

North Kesteven District Council is asking individuals and North Kesteven based good causes to help celebrate the 2nd Birthday of the North Kesteven Community Lottery today (Monday 4 December), through supporting the fundraising initiative. 

To commemorate this milestone for the lottery, the message is being carried into every community by the Council’s refuse and recycling lorries that play a vital role in delivering essential services across the district, just as the lottery delivers essential funding to local good causes.

Since launching two years ago, the lottery has not only generated over £100,000 in revenue for good causes across North Kesteven but has also awarded individual winners more than £12,000 in prizes. Over 70 local groups have joined to be supported by the lottery as good causes, making the lottery a valuable way of raising funds for essential services and groups across the district.

For just £1 per ticket, participants have the chance to win weekly cash prices, including the £25,000 jackpot. A sum of 60p from each ticket supports the good cause of the buyer’s choice. With Christmas approaching, consider gifting a North Kesteven Community lottery ticket to loved ones. If you enter the lottery’s Super Draw before Saturday 23 December, you even have the chance to win an incredible £3,000 Christmas Cash Bonus!

The lottery over its 2-year span has supported a variety of good local causes including, Heckington Living Community Radio. The radio having raised over £1500 through the lottery, expressed thanks for the continual community support received via being a good cause. Andy Brown, founder of the station said: 

“The North Kesteven Community Lottery has been instrumental in supporting the Heckington Living Community radio station ever since it began. 

"The lottery generates essential funding, and there are exciting opportunities for listeners of the station to win prizes through their participation in the lottery.

"One of the many remarkable aspects of the lottery is its sustainable nature – money spent goes back to helping local groups flourish and grow.

"This year the radio station is on track to raise around £1500, a significant achievement that positions us well to realise our future ambitions as a valued community radio station. 

"I strongly encourage good causes of the district to sign up and benefit from the lottery, as it provides a fabulous avenue for raising funds to sustain vital community services.” 

Evonne Rogers, Assistant Director of Corporate and Community Services encourages individuals to support the lottery and invites qualifying groups in North Kesteven to register as good causes. Evonne said:

“North Kesteven District Council are immensely proud of the North Kesteven Community Lottery’s impact and are delighted to mark the second year of this fabulous initiative.

"The participation of over 70 local good causes across the district highlight the lottery’s role as a dynamic and driven way of fundraising for vital community groups.

"I would urge individuals and good causes alike to get involved and discover the positive impacts the lottery has on North Kesteven”.

Local not-for-profit groups seeking an effective and sustainable way of generating funding, or perhaps you know of a PTA, sports club or any other local charity looking to get involved. Good causes are welcomed to sign up for free to be supported by the lottery at any time, simply visit the North Kesteven Lottery website to register.

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