Solar panel installation at council offices set to cut tons of carbon

Cllr Wright with Solar panels on the roof of the council offices

Installation of 195 solar panels at the North Kesteven District Council offices has now been completed, making a significant contribution to the council’s aim of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

The installation will reduce the council’s electricity bill by 21% and save over 14 tons of CO2 per year.

Amidst increasing calls for everyone to reduce their environmental impact in order to halt climate change, the council hopes this will also serve as an example of the possible benefits from going green.

The solar panels installed on the Kesteven Street building came at a cost of £152,000, drawn from the council’s ‘Invest to Save’ reserve – a fund specifically ear-marked for projects that reduce the council’s long-term overheads.

With the rising cost of energy impacting all organisations as well as individuals and families, the council stands to save nearly £22,500 per year, with the panels predicted to pay for themselves in less than seven years.

The new panels add to an existing, smaller, installation that currently provides a modest contribution to the council’s energy usage and carbon footprint.

Council Leader Councillor Richard Wright said:

“We’re keeping to our commitment to reach net zero carbon from energy by 2030 and expanding our use of renewables to help us get there. With energy costs rising for all of us, this is an investment in the future that will save us money in the long term, money that we can put back into local services. I’d encourage everyone to look at what they can do to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings and homes. You can save money and help keep us on track for net zero by 2030. Do take a look at our website for information about support schemes for businesses and households.”

North Kesteven District Council’s Executive Board unanimously agreed the plan at a meeting last year. Planning restrictions saw 35 panels removed from the originally proposed array.

The council offers information about energy saving and climate change. Businesses looking to explore sustainable options can sign up for a free Zellar account via the Council using the code NK300.

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Cllr Wright inspects new solar panels at NKDC

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