Election candidates for 4 May named

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Elections to select District Councillors to represent the communities of North Kesteven, to sit as a district council and work for the entirety of the whole District will be held on Thursday, 4 May.

With nominations for candidates for each of the 43 Council seats – arranged within 24 electoral wards – now closed, the names of those seeking election are given below. See also: www.n-kesteven.gov.uk/elections2023.

With insufficient nominations made to contest the number of seats within the ward, there are three District Wards where there will be no election to select the District Councillor. These are Billinghay Rural; Cranwell, Leasingham & Wilsford; and Navenby & Brant Broughton wards where the candidate is officially elected uncontested. 

Changes to the boundaries of many wards, which determine which parishes or parts of towns are grouped together to be represented by the same councillor or councillors, take effect on 4 May, which means that some voters may be voting in a different place than they have previously. Polling station details are given on the Poll Card.

This process was carried out by the Local Government Boundary Commission to ensure an equitable spread of representation after some areas had become unbalanced. To achieve a spread of around 2,227 electors for each the 43 District Councillors the number of wards has dropped from 26 to 24; with four now having three councillors, eleven having two councillors and nine being single-Member wards. In multiple-Member wards, voters get to choose that many candidates on their ballot paper. 

This election also sees the selection of new parish and town councillors operating at a more localised level. Only where there are more candidates than there are available seats on the parish or town council will elections take place. Across the District there will be four contested town council ward elections, which will be held alongside the North Kesteven District Council elections. Those are for the North Hykeham Town Council wards of Grange Ward and Memorial Ward and, in Sleaford for the town council’s Quarrington Ward and Westholme Ward. 

Additionally in the communities making up the Eagle and Hykeham West Division for Lincolnshire County Council there is a by-election for a new county councillor, with seven candidates standing. 

In all cases, see www.n-kesteven.gov.uk/elections2023 for all Statements of Person Nominated.

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It is essential that all voters intending to vote at a polling station remember the new requirement to have specific photo ID with them when they go to vote. Without it they can’t be issued a ballot paper.

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Options include a person’s passport, driving licence, bus pass or blue badge; with the full list given in the leaflet distributed to households, on the Poll Card, at www.electoralcommission.org.uk/voterID and on the helpline 0800 328 0280.

A special Voter Authority Certificate is available – free of charge and lasting for up to 10 years – for anyone without any of the other necessary IDs. Deadline to apply is 5pm on Tuesday 25 April.

Anyone needing to register to vote can do so quickly and easily at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote or via a paper form available from the District Council. Deadline is midnight on Monday 17 April.

Arrangements for postal and proxy voting can be made up to 5pm on Tuesday 18 April.

Nominations for North Kesteven District Council elections on 4 May, 2023

Ashby de la Launde, Digby & Scopwick Ward (One Member)

  • Bailey, Amelia – Lincolnshire Independents

  • Money, John – Conservative Party

Bassingham Rural Ward (One Member)

  • Green, Mary Louise – Conservative Party

  • Pearce Roccio, Electra – Green Party

  • Smith, Nicola Jane – Reform UK

Billinghay Rural Ward (Two Members)

  • Lawrence, Sarah Anne – Conservative Party

  • Ogden, Gill – Conservative Party

Both candidates are duly elected without contest.

Bracebridge Heath Ward (Two Members)

  • Adeyemi, Funmi – Labour Party

  • Allen, Clive Maurice – Labour Party

  • Burley, Peter Richard – Conservative Party

  • Cawrey, Lindsey Ann – Conservative Party

Branston Ward (Two Members)

  • Gilding, Richard Edward – Conservative Party

  • Lundgren, Peter – Lincolnshire Independents

  • Turner Paul – Lincolnshire Independents

Cranwell, Leasingham & Wilsford Ward (Two Members)

  • Clarke, Jim – Independent

  • Hagues, Andrew Gibson – Conservative Party

Both candidates are duly elected without contest.

Heckington Rural Ward (Two Members)

  • Ogden, Stew – Conservative Party

  • Saxby, Jennifer Helen – Labour Party

  • Tarry, Sally Claire – Conservative Party

Heighington & Washingborough Ward (Three Members)

  • Bailey, Gareth Raymond – Lincolnshire Independents

  • Carrington, Ian David – Conservative Party

  • Clarke, Lee Melody – Lincolnshire Independents

  • Courtney, Karen – Lincolnshire Independents 

  • Crawshaw, Terence Graham – Green Party

  • Goodwin, Carola Barbara Elisabeth – Conservative Party

  • Harrington, Reece James – Conservative Party

Helpringham & Osbournby Ward (One Member)

  • Jackson, Russell Michael – Lincolnshire Independents

  • Jamison, Angie – Reform UK

  • Shanahan-Kluth, Stephen John – Conservative Party

Hykeham Central Ward (Three Members)

  • Clarke, Mike – Conservative Party

  • Edwards, Gary John – Lincolnshire Independents

  • Pessol, Jonathan McKenzie Scott – Conservative Party

  • Roe, Stephen Peter – Conservative Party

  • Sweet, Nat – Liberal Democrat

  • Tipler, George Michael – Liberal Democrat

Hykeham Fosse Ward (Two Members)

  • Byron, Corinne Nelly Antoine – Liberal Democrat

  • Little, Ross Anthony – Conservative Party

  • Lofts, Matthew Harry – Labour Party

  • Nind, Mark Anthony – Reform UK

  • Ventura, David – Green Party

  • Whittaker, Pamela Lillian – Conservative Party

  • Wilson, Jill Marie – Liberal Democrat

Hykeham Memorial Ward (One Member)

  • Catton, Diana Elizabeth – Liberal Democrat

  • Clarke, Nicola Francesa – Conservative Party

  • Dillon, Nikki - Independent

Kirkby la Thorpe & South Kyme Ward (One Member)

  • Allan, Mark Guy – Conservative Party

  • Head, Mervyn Paul – Independent 

Metheringham Rural Ward (Two Members)

  • Blackman, Gary Roy – Lincolnshire Independents

  • Dodd, Helen Iris – Lincolnshire Independents

  • Parry, Dave – Conservative Party

  • Pembery, Fran – Conservative Party

Navenby & Brant Broughton Ward (Two Members)

  • Hagues, Lucille – Conservative Party

  • Overton, Marianne Jane – Lincolnshire Independents

Both candidates are duly elected, without contest.

Ruskington Ward (Two Members)

  • Fernandes, Ken – Lincolnshire Independents

  • Waldeck, Matthew Frederick – Conservative Party

  • Wright, Richard Andrew – Conservative Party

Skellingthorpe & Eagle Ward (Two Members)

  • Goldson, Christopher William - Independent

  • Johnston, Richard Albert - Independent

  • Kendrick, Elizabeth Jane – Conservative Party

  • McMillan, Jamie-Lee – Reform UK

  • Pritchard, Anita Mary – Labour Party

  • Richardson, Tony – Liberal Democrat

  • Smith, Nick – Reform UK

Sleaford Castle Ward (One Member)

  • Darmon, Dave - Independent

  • Edwards-Shea, Linda – Labour Party

  • Offer, Malcolm John – Conservative Party

Sleaford Holdingham Ward (One Member)

  • Cockcroft, Pat – Conservative Party

  • Greetham, Robert Charles – Independent

  • Oates, Robert Arthur – Lincolnshire Independents

Sleaford Navigation Ward (One Member)

  • Aziz, Nadim – Conservative Party

  • Suiter, David – Lincolnshire Independents

Sleaford Quarrington & Mareham Ward (Three Members)

  • Allan, Bozena – Conservative Party

  • Dutton, Ian – Labour Party

  • Mason, Steve – Independent

  • Oldershaw, Bob – Lincolnshire Independents

  • Shanahan-Kluth, Melody Susan – Conservative Party

  • Smith, Mark Anthony – Conservative Party

  • Snookes, Adrian – Lincolnshire Independents

  • Thompson, Jo – Labour Party

Sleaford Westholme Ward (One Member)

  • Brand, Anthony - Independent

  • Lorimer, Heather Katherine - Independent

  • Mear, Ann – Lincolnshire Independents

  • Randall, Eileen Janet – Labour Party

Waddington Rural Ward (Three Members)

  • Chapman, Nirmal Nina – Labour Party

  • Cooper, Matthew Russell – Conservative Party

  • Earnshaw, James Barry – Lincolnshire Independents

  • Mitchell, John Ewan – Labour Party

  • Pennell, Lance – Conservative Party

  • Sanders, Leigh – Conservative Party

Witham St Hughs & Swinderby Ward (Two Members)

  • Elliott, Mitch – Lincolnshire Independents

  • Howe, Sue – Conservative Party

  • Overton, Charles Peter – Lincolnshire Independents

  • Robinson, Stuart William – Conservative Party

Nominations for Lincolnshire County Council’s Eagle & Hykeham West Division election on 4 May, 2023 

  • Eagle & Hykeham West Division (One Member)

  • Briggs, Alan William – Conservative Party

  • Dillon, Nikki - Independent

  • Horscroft, Sally Anne – Green Party

  • Overton, Charles Peter – Lincolnshire Independents

  • Richardson, Tony – Liberal Democrats

  • Shaw, Charles William – Liberal Party - Keep Local Liberal Team

  • Smith, Nicola Jane – Reform UK

  • Watt, Calum – Labour Party

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