Creating a butterfly effect through kindness

Evelyn's Butterfly Effect

This Christmas we are encouraging the spread of random acts of kindness as we connect with a cause extremely close to our hearts, Evelyn’s Butterfly Effect.

Evelyn Gibson lost her battle with mental illness on April 15, 2022, aged 15. Her family set up Evelyn's Butterfly Effect to let her memory and kind legacy shine bright, through encouraging others to carry out random acts of kindness in Evelyn’s name.

Evelyn’s Mum Jenni Swift said, “Evelyn’s Butterfly Effect is to remember Evelyn for who she fundamentally was – an incredibly kind, conscientious, and generous person who was always thinking of others.

“She had a huge impact on people without realising it half the time. And many people will feel the same. It got us thinking about the butterfly effect – that a small butterfly could flap its wings and be completely unaware that it creates a hurricane on the other side of the world.

“We love the idea of Evelyn’s kindness spreading ripples far and wide. So, whilst Evelyn’s Butterfly Effect is not about mental health per se, it is about connection, wellbeing, community, and thinking of others. Spreading kindness in the world can only be a good thing, right?”

Evelyn's Butterfly Effect cards can be picked up from:      

  • OneNK
  • Sleaford Leisure Centre
  • Whisby Nature Park
  • Better Gym Sleaford
  •  Sleaford Pottery Painting Café

Through your kind actions you will be able to see the ripple effect of kindness has on you and those around you - the butterfly effect.

Over the 12 days of Christmas and beyond North Kesteven District Council will be sharing ideas and inspiration all centred around how to spread kindness and positivity.

If someone does a kind thing for you, you do a kind act for someone else, they do a kind act for someone else, and so on.

You can spread Evelyn’s kindness far and wide through your own actions and share your kindness with us through our social media channels to help continue the butterfly effect and inspire others, tagging us @NorthKestevenDC and using #evelynsbutterflyeffect

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