Your views needed to direct new signage

Don't miss your chance to direct new wayfinding signage for Sleaford town center

Your direction is needed now to help design new and expanded wayfinding signage for Sleaford town centre.

The new signage scheme will better reflect all that the town centre offers and do so more effectively across a wider area than the previous signage, encompassing a range of places and attractions.

Now residents, businesses and key stakeholders can give their thoughts on the type of signage proposed via

There are examples of signage styles to view on the website along with the chance to give your views on questions including:

  • Which places should be highlighted in maps on the signage, to help promote the town and attract more visitors and shoppers
  • How the new signage should be designed with the environment in mind, for example through the materials used
  • How you feel overall about the new signage

North Kesteven District Council is leading on and undertaking the work on the new signage scheme, with Sleaford Town Council and Lincolnshire County Council as key partners. 

The survey questions will be live on the website until September. It will then take some time to analyse this feedback and finalise the designs, after which time a contractor will be procured to install them.

Leader of North Kesteven District Council Councillor Richard Wright said: “This improved wayfinding signage will better direct people around all that we know Sleaford town centre offers, from its varied shops and independent traders to its fantastic food and drink, leisure facilities, creative arts and so much more.

“It’s also a really valuable opportunity to champion and commemorate the things we all like best about Sleaford and keep building our pride in it together in our communities. We welcome everyone to give their thoughts and insight into this new signage scheme and I look forward to seeing how it’s shaped and developed as a result.”

A full audit of the existing wayfinding signage in the town centre was carried out in 2018 by the three authorities partnering in the scheme, and a further review took place in autumn 2021.

It found the previous fingerposts which are now removed were not fully reflective of all there is in Sleaford town centre now. Additionally, information on some of that signage was outdated and in other places had been damaged. The audit work also found room for improvement in ensuring signage is accessible.

The project aligns with the Signage Strategy for Sleaford prepared by Lincolnshire County Council, North Kesteven District Council and Sleaford Town Council and adopted in 2018 following public consultation. The actions were for a full audit of existing signage and all non-essential information boards, wayfinding and finger post signs to be removed and new, essential ones to be installed.

The existing map information boards at the station and Market Place are remaining in place until the new scheme is fully designed and installed.

You can check back to for further updates on the new signage scheme, and where you can also sign up for news direct to your inbox on the Council’s application for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund as more on this is available.

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