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Subscriptions open for garden waste collections

Brown and black bins with some spring flowers

You can save yourself the time, dirt and hassle of taking your garden waste to a recycling centre by subscribing to the District Council’s garden waste collection service.

Fortnightly over ten months, and continuing four-weekly through December and January, the paid-for North Kesteven District Council service represents cost-effective convenience for those households unable or not wishing to compost at home.

The charge for a full year’s service from March 28, 2022 will be £40 for a single or first bin, an increase of £5 on last year to meet the increased costs of running this concessionary service, including a 20% increase in fuel. The emptying of additional bins is reduced to £8 each.

“This is the first increase in two years and does, we believe, continue to represent excellent value for money of 77p per week, or around £1.60 for each of the 24 or 25 collection opportunities throughout the year,” said Cllr Mervyn Head, Executive Board Member with special interest for waste and environmental services.

“With the convenience of being able to put out for collection all your grass clippings, weeds, swept-up leaves and other garden waste on a regular basis – rather than load it up to take to a household waste recycling centre or arrange and pay for a licenced waste carrier to take it for you – our annual brown bin service remains a popular and cost-effective choice.”

“It is a charge that only those people wishing to use the service by opting in, need to pay, rather than being a universal cost on all households regardless of their call on it. We hope that it provides a cheaper, easier and more climate-conscious method of disposing of organic garden waste than individuals transporting it themselves.”

Brown bins can be used for grass cuttings, flowers and plants, hedge trimmings, twigs and branches, leaves and bark and for chopped up Christmas trees. Such material cannot be placed into any other bin for collection and no additional material left alongside bins will be taken.

Collection of a first or single bin will be £40 for the year, with additional bins now charged at £8 each (up to a maximum of four bins) which is a 50% cost reduction. Where a bin needs to be paid for to participate in, or expand use of, the service, these will be charged at £35 each. 

The annual subscription runs to March 24, 2023. New subscriptions to the service and renewals can be made online at from February 1 and by phone from March 1.

Early renewals are encouraged to ensure seamless continuation of service.

Direct debits are also encouraged to ensure automatic renewal from year to year, making it even more convenient.

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