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All new council homes will be zero carbon

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A major step to achieve net zero carbon status throughout North Kesteven by 2030 has been taken by the District Council.

The authority’s Executive Board has agreed a new homes delivery plan called the CO2-sy Homes Standard which means that all council homes approved for building will have to meet a zero carbon specification set by the Council.

These homes will also have to reach the Passivhaus Standard – an internationally recognised environmental mark awarded to homes built with top energy-saving solutions including design and materials which stop the unnecessary movement of air, avoiding loss of heat and even heat reclamation systems to boost their efficiency.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Richard Wright said:

“The Council has already built two homes to Passivhaus standard at Welchman Way in Heckington and has eight more underway at Moor Lane in Potterhanworth   

“Over the past 10 years of council house building we have consistently applied specific build technologies and insulation techniques to minimise environmental impact and maximise energy and cost efficiency for tenants, but to have these new standards established as ‘our NK standard’ is a major development that builds on that long-held ethos.”

The new standards mean that the Council will be able to build 260 new homes a year based on an annual budget of £5 million. This will bring a return on the investment after 40 years and the authority currently has 82 units under construction in the District.

“I am very proud of the authority’s achievement and really do believe in the authority’s determination to build homes not just houses,” said Cllr Wright.

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