Political structure

North Kesteven District Council comprises of 43 elected members, otherwise called councillors, who are each elected every four years to represent District Wards. The District is divided into 24 wards. There are nine wards represented by one councillor, 11 by two councillors and four wards represented by three councillors.

The people who stand for election as councillors may belong to one of the national political parties or to a local political party, or they may be completely independent of a political party. Further information including links to political party websites and guidance on registering political parties can be obtained from the Electoral Commission (a national independent body).

Upon election, councillors may choose to form political groups which may be the same or different to their political party. There must be at least two members to form a political group. Most Councillors belong to a political group registered with the Council.

The table below shows how many councillors belong to each registered group (also known as the political make-up or political structure of the Council). The 43 seats are currently broken down as follows and the calculated allocation of seats on committees is based on the representation of these political groups.

NKDC Political Structure
Group Number of seats Group Leader Group Deputy Leader
North Kesteven Conservatives 24 Cllr Richard Wright Cllr Ian Carrington
Lincolnshire Independents  10 Cllr Mrs Marianne Overton MBE Cllr Peter Lundgren
Group of Unaligned Members 4 Cllr Chris Goldson Cllr Mervyn Head
Labour 2 Cllr Mrs Linda Edwards-Shea Cllr Matt Lofts
Unaligned 3 n/a n/a
Vacancy 0 n/a n/a

North Kesteven District Council is therefore controlled by the North Kesteven Conservatives Political Group

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Leader and Executive

At North Kesteven District Council, we operate a leader and Executive system, which is part of the council and is responsible for most day-to-day decisions.

The Executive is made up of a Leader and an Executive Board. The Leader of the Council is elected by Full Council for a 4-year term.

The Leader of the Council can appoint up to nine other councillors to sit on the Executive Board, one of whom they appoint as their deputy. Each member of the Executive Board has an individual ‘area of interest’.

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