Chief Executive & Management Team

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Corporate Management Team

Ian Fytche - Chief Executive


Philip Roberts - Deputy Chief Executive


Russell Stone - Director of Resources


Andrew McDonough - Economy and Place Director


The following report directly to the Economy and Place Director:

  • Economic Development
  • Housing Strategy
  • Development Management/Planning
  • Leisure and Cultural Services
  • Tourism and Visitor Economy
  • Local Plan

Senior Management Team

Senior Management Team
Senior Manager Title Areas of responsibility
David Steels Assistant Director - Environment and Public Protection Building Control, Environmental Health and Licensing, Waste and Street Scene
Evonne Rogers Assistant Director - Corporate and Community Services IT, Customer Engagement, Corporate Information, Communications Media and Design, Strategy and Transformation, Partnerships, Sustainability, Human Resources, Community Safety
Jason Jarvis Assistant Director - Finance Payroll and Exchequer, Financial Services, Audit and Risk
Michael Gadd Assistant Director - Housing and Property Housing Options, Neighbourhood Management, Income Management, Housing Repairs, Architectural Design and Investment, Wellbeing, Aids and Adaptations
Marcella Heath Assistant Director - Democratic Services Democratic Services and Council Administration, Governance and Constitution, Elections and Member Development

A chart illustrating the structure of the senior management team is located in Appendix 2 of the NKDC Pay Policy 2021-22.  Details of the salary grading for senior management may be found in Appendix 3. Further information can be found on the NK pay policy