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Thanks to everyone who’s had both vaccinations and their booster if they can, and the incredible ongoing efforts of our NHS colleagues, volunteers and key workers, we’re in a better position than previously in the pandemic.

Omicron has spread fast however and still poses a risk to everyone. We cannot be complacent. 

While it’s reported that it may be a milder disease, we now know this is only the case for those who’ve had their vaccinations and boosters. 

In Lincolnshire, just over 100,000 people who are eligible for a booster are yet to have it (as of 14 January) with 61,437 of these being under 50 years old.

And sadly the increase in people being hospitalised by Covid, across the country and in Lincolnshire, is being driven mostly by unvaccinated or at least not fully vaccinated people.

It's therefore still vital that you get your booster, if you've not already. You can book yours online or by calling 119.

You can also visit for details on your options. 

If you’ve not had your first or second vaccination you still can, using the details above also. There’s no judgement – just a jab.

If you’re unsure about getting the vaccine for any reason, it’s a good idea to take time to look at reputable sources, such as the NHS, to help you make your decision. This is because social media can allow misinformation to spread quickly between people, and some of this misinformation can be very shocking and convincing. 

If you develop Covid symptoms, you must still self-isolate immediately and book a PCR test on the website.

If you've no symptoms and feel healthy, it's important to still take a twice-weekly asymptomatic test to help make sure you haven't got Covid and are spreading it unintentionally. You can order a test kit to be sent to your home, or find a test pick-up location close to you. 

If you test positive on a Lateral Flow Test, you MUST self-isolate immediately from the day the test was taken. You no longer need to book a PCR test however to confirm your positive test result.

The length of time you need to self-isolate for has changed but only provided you test negative on a Lateral Flow Test on day five and six of your self-isolation. If this is the case, you may leave self-isolation on day six. Read more about the rules on self-isolation

Help for residents

  • Colleagues across our teams continue to work hard to provide the services our residents need and expect. 
  • Service areas such as our customer services and housing support teams are operating and answering queries. Residents can make contact with the Council by email or on 01529 414155. Please only call if it is absolutely essential. For more information, see our residents page.
  • To help ensure the safety of our customers and communities, there are currently pre-booked appointments available only at our Sleaford reception. These can be taken up on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Sleaford (except on Bank Holidays), with Covid precautions in place. Our colleagues can help you book one.
  • Our reception and front-facing contact centre at our Council offices in Sleaford are closed, there are procedures in place to help those in urgent need such as anyone facing homelessness.
  • If you require emergency housing assistance, please contact the Housing Options Team on  01529 414155 Monday-Friday, by email to or call 01529 308308 out of hours. 
  • We’re continuing to work closely with partners to identify and provide urgent help to the most vulnerable in our communities.
  • We are working with our housing tenants to ensure rent can easily be paid via direct debit or by phone, and have created a tenant hardship fund. If you’re a housing tenant with us and have concerns about struggling to pay your rent, please call your housing officer via our main Council phone number who can discuss the options available.
  • If you’ve been told by NHS Test and Trace to self-isolate, you may be eligible for financial help. Read more on Coronavirus Isolation Payments.
  • If you’re a housing tenant with us and have concerns about struggling to pay your rent, please call your housing officer via our main Council phone number who can discuss the options available.
  • Together with our contractors we are ensuring emergency repairs requested by our tenants, for example hot water failure or a similar risk to health, are prioritised. 
  • It is essential that we continue to carry out gas safety checks for our housing tenants. Our contractor will contact tenants to make an appointment and discuss how this can be done with individual circumstances in mind during Coronavirus.
Previous support included:

  • Letters written to 11,000 potentially vulnerable residents in our District offering advice and links to support, followed up by calls from our officers.
  • All tenants in Council properties, including those in Lafford Homes properties, were also written to.
  • 2,000 of those tenants received follow-up calls and/or visits from our housing teams (adhering to our strict guidelines on contact). 

Communities and wellbeing

  • To request community help see the Lincolnshire County Council website or call 01522 782189.
  • Working with Lincolnshire County Council, Wellbeing Lincs and the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum, we’re helping provide the vital link between community groups, charities and parish councils with residents who need community help.
Previously we’ve:

  • Worked to validate community groups in our area together with the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum, helping complete all the necessary checks and identify how best they can be supported.
  • Assisted more than 5,500 people through Wellbeing Lincs following the first period of lockdown by linking them to the appropriate support.

Council Tax support  

  • Residents can check whether they are entitled to any discounts and help with their Council Tax on our Council Tax webpages.
  • You can also make a claim for Council Tax Support - this is means-tested based upon the income you receive. Details of this and how to claim can be found on our Council Tax webpages

Throughout the pandemic our BusinessNK team has been working incredibly hard to support businesses, including sharing information on grant support available and processing applications for this. 

Please see the Business NK website for the latest on any grant support and other available help for businesses.

Throughout the pandemic the team has also implemented a range of practical support and changes:

  • Produced materials including posters to save shops and businesses valuable time and resources while preparing to comply with Government Covid Secure guidelines as they were introduced.
  • Installed social distancing signage in open spaces with high footfall, such as Sleaford Town Centre, and provided signage where needed to assist our leisure operators.
  • Produced new place marketing signage to help promote a number of local high streets in North Kesteven, utilising specially commissioned local photography and designs, along with matching materials for businesses to display themselves in these areas.
  • Helped support promotional events including an Eventful Sleaford on September 4 2021, intended to boost footfall and encourage a warm welcome back to the town centre for enjoyment, leisure and regular shopping.
  • Provided promotional material over Christmas in Sleaford to help  encourage full enjoyment of the town and festive events held by partners, including the 12 market days of Christmas by the town council, activities at the Hub and those held by businesses.

Environmental health

  • Our Environmental Health Team continue to support businesses including shops, pubs, cafes, restaurants and more in adhering to Government Covid guidelines.
  • The team also continue to play a vital role in the wider response to Covid and outbreak management.

Previous support from the team has included:

  • The provision of Covid marshals to help support Covid safe enjoyment of food, leisure and shopping in main high streets across the District.
  • Support for a range of businesses in complying with previous lockdown and Government Covid measures, such as those businesses which could provide takeaway food in previous lockdowns and advice for shops on implementing Covid safe measures as specified by Government.


Key service updates

  • At this current time, there are no immediate impacts on the way in which we collect and empty your bins and how that waste and recycling is handled. There’s more on our waste webpages
  • Households where residents are self-isolating are being asked to follow the below advice when disposing of household waste. In line with the advice from Public Health England, personal waste (such as used tissues) and disposable cleaning cloths should be
    • disposed of securely within disposable rubbish bags.
    • placed into another bag, tied securely and kept separate from other waste.
    • put aside for at least 72 hours before being put in your black bin.

      Other household waste can be disposed of as normal.
It is extremely important that tissues or face masks are NOT put in recycling bins.

Face coverings must be worn in enclosed public spaces, including shops, supermarkets, shopping centres and enclosed transport hubs. They are also required when using public transport. 

Face coverings are not required in hospitality venues where food and drink are consumed (such as pubs, cafés and restaurants), or during exercise (such as gyms), including dancing (such as nightclubs).

Face masks are not mandatory for children and those with disabilities or certain health conditions that make it difficult to wear a face covering.

Further information and guidance is available on the website:

We know that the need to self-isolate can cause financial pressures for those on low incomes and the self employed. As a result of this the Government is providing a new Test and Trace Support Payment of a £500 lump sum payment for those on low incomes to support them if they cannot work during their self-isolation period. Find out more information on our Coronavirus isolation payments webpage.

A new hotline has been launched to stop fraudsters illegally targeting COVID stimulus schemes. In an initiative between government and the independent charity Crimestoppers, the public can now call a new COVID Fraud Hotline (0800 587 5030) anonymously and free of charge to report suspected fraudulent activity. Further details can be found at

On the Lincolnshire NHS website you can find resources about the COVID-19 vaccination programme to help communities across Lincolnshire find out more about what the vaccine means for you.

Hands Face Space

It’s still important you test regularly for Covid.

You can order a Lateral Flow Test kit to be sent to your home.

You can also look up locations where they can be picked up

While there has been increased demand recently, there are test kits available. You may need to try a few times before being able to order one.

If you test positive on a Lateral Flow Test, you should self-isolate immediately from the date of that positive test. You no longer need to get a  PCR test to confirm your positive Lateral Flow Test result.

If you develop coronavirus symptoms you MUST still get a PCR test in the usual way: call on 119 or

From Monday 17 January the period which you need to self-isolate for is reducing to five full days – meaning you could leave self-isolation on day six provided you test negative on a Lateral Flow Test on day five and again 24 hours later on day six. 

Self-isolate if you or anyone in your household has symptoms.

Go to - for the latest information from the UK Government.

Go to the NHS website for information about the virus and how to protect yourself.

Keep yourself informed - service disruptions are detailed on our current service disruptions page

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