Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) Site Review 2019

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires planning authorities to have a clear understanding of the land available in their area through the preparation of a strategic housing land availability assessment. Central Lincolnshire last published a Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment Update in July 2015. A review of the sites currently held on the sites database for Central Lincolnshire is therefore being carried out to make sure information held about the sites that are available in Central Lincolnshire is up to date and accurate. This site review will provide important evidence regarding land availability to inform the review of the Local Plan which is about to commence.

All known site promoters identified in the current HELAA database have been contacted to identify whether sites are still available and whether the information we hold about each site is correct, including the location of the site boundary. Follow the link below to go to the interactive map where you can enter the site reference to review the site identified and whether the boundary currently identified is correct. Please enter the full reference including the CL at the beginning of the number to find each site.

If the site is still available and you wish to continue to promote the site in the HELAA a new site suggestion form is required for each site along with confirmation that the site boundary currently held is correct. If the site boundary is not correct on the interactive map, a site location plan should be submitted with the site suggestion form confirming the correct site boundary. The site suggestion form can be downloaded below. Please return site suggestion forms (and site location plans where required) to talkplanning@central-lincs.org.uk.

The consultation on whether the existing sites in the HELAA database are still available and whether the data we hold is still correct will be open until the 28 February 2019. If a completed site suggestion form is not received on a site by this date it will be removed from the HELAA. Sites can be put forward for inclusion in the HELAA after this date if a completed site suggestion form and site location plan is submitted.

Interactive site review map