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Please follow this page for regular updates and useful information in relation to the forthcoming Examination Hearing Sessions and Hearing Programme.

Hearing Sessions 

The Hearing Sessions for the examination will begin at 10.00am on Tuesday 15 November until Friday 9th December 2022 at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, Brayford Wharf North, Lincoln LN1 1YW. Subsequent virtual hearing sessions will take place from 10.00am on 13th December until 16 December 2022.

The Inspectors have produced Matters, Issues and Questions for the Hearing Sessions and these can also be found in the Examination Document Library.

The Inspectors have produced a detailed Guidance Note. This Guidance Note provides further information on the procedural and administrative arrangements for the Examination of the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Review.

All Hearing Statements have now been uploaded to Hearing Statements in the Examination Document Library. 

Virtual Hearings Guidance and Meeting Recordings (Week 4 Hearing Sessions)

The Inspectors have published a Virtual Hearings Guidance Note for the Hearing Sessions in Week 4 of the Examination.  All participants should familiarise themselves with the contents of the Guidance. Participants will be issued with an invitation to attend each session by the Programme Officer. 

Please note that if you are participating in more than one hearing session, you will receive a separate invitation for each session. For those people who are not participating in the hearings, the sessions will be recorded and a link will be provided on the examination website following the event.

Please note that recordings of the Week 4 Virtual Hearing Sessions taking place between Tuesday 13th December 2022 and Friday 16th December 2022 will be uploaded to this page following each Session. Please see the Committee's Privacy Notice for the Virtual Hearing Sessions below. If you have any questions please contact the Programme Officer: 

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Hearing Programme 

The Inspectors have published a Hearing Programme and the latest copy of the Examination Hearing Programme EX017B can be found here in the Examination Document Library.

The Examination Hearing Programme sets out which topics will be discussed on each day.

Specific Guidance relating to the virtual hearing sessions in week 4, including links for joining the sessions will be published in due course once the Programme has been finalised.

Please see this link for a helpful 'How to Find Us' Leaflet for Weeks 1-3 at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel, Lincoln.