Local Plan Consultation Parish Information

Parish Information

Local Plans are supported by a substantial amount of evidence which is needed to successfully navigate an Examination.  This can make it challenging to pick out the pieces of information that are of particular relevance to parish councils or other neighbourhood planning groups.

In an effort to help make the background evidence easy to access, some key documents have been drawn out and placed in one location and it is hoped this will assist in helping parish councils and neighbourhood plan groups in responding to the Local Plan consultation, which runs until 24 August 2021.

It is important to note that you may also wish to review the other evidence supporting the Local Plan and this is available in the consultation library.  If you feel that any other specific documents are of particular relevance to parish councils and neighbourhood planners please do let us know at talkplanning@central-lincs.org.uk and we will add them to the list below.

As well as these documents you will undoubtedly want to view the policies map for your area.  An interactive map and downloadable PDF maps are available on the Local Plan Consultation Library page.