Local Plan Consultation Library

This library contains the consultation draft Local Plan being consulted upon in summer 2021 along with relevant evidence behind the draft plan and other documents that are of relevance. 

Documents are group under themes for ease of reference, clicking on each theme will reveal the documents available.

PLEASE NOTE: some documents may take a few moments to download due to file size.

Documents and downloads

Flood Risk and Drainage

ReferenceDownloadDate Published
FRI001Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 130/06/2021
FRI002Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 230/06/2021

Policy Evidence Reports

ReferenceDownloadDate Published
EVR001Policy S1 The Spatial Strategy and Settlement Hierachy26/07/2021
EVR002Policy S2 Growth Levels and Distribution26/07/2021
EVR006Policy S6 Reducing Energy Consumption in Residential Development06/07/2021
EVR007Policy S7 Reducing Energy Consumption in Non-Residential Development06/07/2021
EVR008Policy S8 Decentralised Energy06/07/2021
EVR009Policy S9 Supporting Circular Economy06/07/2021
EVR010Policy S10 Embodied Carbon06/07/2021
EVR011Policy S11 Water Efficiency and Sustainable Water Management06/07/2021
EVR012Policy S12 Reducing Energy Consumption in Existing Buildings06/07/2021
EVR013Policy S13 Renewable Energy06/07/2021
EVR014Policy S14 Protecting Renewable Energy Infrastructure06/07/2021
EVR015Policy S15 Wider Energy Infrastructure06/07/2021
EVR016Policy S16 Carbon Sinks06/07/2021
EVR017Policy S17 Electric Vehicle Charging06/07/2021
EVR018Policy S18 Fossil Fuel Exploration, Extraction, Production or Energy Generation06/07/2021
EVR019Policy S19 Resilient and Adaptable Design06/07/2021
EVR020Policy S20 Flood Risk and Water Resources14/07/2021
EVR022Policy S22 Meeting Accommodation Needs06/07/2021
EVR023Policy NS23 Custom and Self Build06/07/2021
EVR024Policy S24 Sub-division and Multi-occupation of Dwellings within Lincoln14/07/2021
EVR025Policy S25 Houseboat Moorings and caravans06/07/2021
EVR026Policy NS26 Residential Annexes06/07/2021
EVR027-033Policy S27-S33 Employment Policies06/07/2021
EVR039Policy S39 District, Local and Village Centres09/07/2021
EVR041Policy S41 Sustainable Urban Tourism09/07/2021
EVR042Policy S42 Sustainable Rural Tourism09/07/2021
EVR043Policy S43 Lincolnshire Showground09/07/2021
EVR044Policy S44 Strategic Infrastructure Requirements09/07/2021
EVR045Policy S45 Safeguarded Land for Key Infrastructure09/07/2021
EVR046Policy S46 Accessibility and Transport09/07/2021
EVR047Policy S47 Walking and Cycling09/07/2021
EVR048Policy S48 Parking Standards09/07/2021
EVR049Policy S49 Community Facilities09/07/2021
EVR050Policy S50 Open Space Standards14/07/2021
EVR051Policy S51 Universities and Colleges09/07/2021
EVR052Policy S52 Design and Amenity09/07/2021
EVR054Policy NS54 Advertisments14/07/2021
EVR055Policy S55 Contaminated Land14/07/2021
EVR056Policy S56 Historic Environment20/07/2021
EVR057Policy S57 Protecting Lincoln, Gainsborough and Sleaford's Setting and Character14/07/2021
EVR058Policy S58 Green Infrastructure Network20/07/2021
EVR059Policy S59 Protecting Biodiversity and Geodiversity20/07/2021
EVR060Policy S60 Biodiversity Opportunity and Net Gain20/07/2021
EVR061Policy S61 AONB and AGLV14/07/2021
EVR062Policy S62 Green Wedges20/07/2021
EVR063Policy S63 Local Green Space09/07/2021
EVR064Policy S64 Important Open Spaces09/07/2021
EVR065Policy S65 Trees, Woodland and Hedgerows09/07/2021
EVR066Policy S66 Best and Most Versatile Agricultural Land09/07/2021
EVR083Policy S83 Ministry of Defence Establishments09/07/2021

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