Supplementary Planning Documents and Guidance Notes

Developer Contributions SPD

The Central Lincolnshire Developer Contributions Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) is intended to:

  1. explain how developer contributions will be secured;
  2. clarify the relationship between planning conditions, planning obligations and the Central Lincolnshire Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and;
  3. provide a mechanism to help ensure the timely provision of infrastructure to support growth 

Health Impact Assessment for Planning Applications - Guidance Note

This  document has been produced to help guide developers and decision makers on the implementation of policy LP9 Health and Wellbeing in the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan. This is new guidance, and we are therefore keen to learn from users about what is good, bad, unclear or missing from the guidance. We anticipate updating the guidance, learning from experience, as and when appropriate to do so. To be clear, it is guidance not policy. The policy for decision making remains that as set out in the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan, April 2017.