Members and Committee Reports

The Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee was established in October 2009 and exercises the functions of a local planning authority in relation to the preparation, submission and revision of a joint local development scheme and of such local development documents as may be specified or agreed.

Committee meetings and agendas

North Kesteven District Council are the administrative authority for the Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee. For information about the Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee meetings, including agendas and contact details, please visit the North Kesteven District Council website.

Committee members

The current elected members which sit on the Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee are shown in the table below. The position of chair and vice chair are rotated on an annual basis.

Committee members
Cllr BierleyCllr Owen BierleyChairWest Lindsey District Council
Cllr Ric Metcalf – CoLCCllr Ric MetcalfeVice-ChairCity of Lincoln Council
Cllr Naomi Tweddle - City of Lincoln CouncilCllr Naomi Tweddle City of Lincoln Council
Cllr Chris Burke – CoLCCllr Chris Burke City of Lincoln Council
Cllr Richard Wright (Vice-chair) - North Kesteven District CouncilCllr Richard Wright North Kesteven District Council
Cllr Ian Carrington  - North Kesteven District CouncilCllr Ian Carrington North Kesteven District Council
Cllr Lance Pennell - North Kesteven District CouncilCllr Lance Pennell North Kesteven District Council
Cllr Ian Fleetwood – West Lindsey District CouncilCllr Ian Fleetwood West Lindsey District Council
Cllr David Cotton – West Lindsey District CouncilCllr David Cotton West Lindsey District Council
Cllr Thomas Dyer - Lincolnshire County CouncilCllr Thomas Dyer Lincolnshire County Council
Cllr Robert Parker - Lincolnshire County CouncilCllr Robert Parker Lincolnshire County Council
Cllr Colin Davie - Lincolnshire County CouncilCllr Colin Davie Lincolnshire County Council
Cllr Robert WallerCllr Robert WallerReserveWest Lindsey District Council
Cllr Mrs Jackie Brockway - Lincolnshire County CouncilCllr Mrs Jackie BrockwayReserveLincolnshire County Council
Cllr HewsonCllr Gary HewsonReserveCity of Lincoln Council
Cllr Steve Clegg - North Kesteven District CouncilCllr Steve CleggReserveNorth Kesteven District Council