Renting a workspace

NKDC workspaces

We have a portfolio of 102 units across 9 locations throughout the District. Units range from under 100 sq ft for office workspace at Aubourn Community Centre to 2,000 sq ft Industrial Units at Sleaford Enterprise Park. These are managed on behalf of the Council by Lambert Smith Hampton. To view available properties and others within the District, please go to the LSH website. To enquire about availability, please contact Marie Gutteridge on 01522 698888.

You can ask the Economic Development Team about the extensive portfolio of workspaces available featuring sector specific and general light industrial, craft and office units competitively priced to assist start-up and support business expansion. Attractive locations throughout the district. Easy in/easy out tenancy agreements. For further details including workshop location, sizes, etc please view the appropriate page.

The Economic Development Team can also help you find larger properties or ones that are not owned by the Council through a system called Engage, the county’s property directory. For further information contact the team by email or 01529 308177. You can carry out your own searches by logging onto


  • Reedspire Industrial Units, Sleaford Enterprise Park 
    19 industrial units ranging from 750 - 2,000 sq ft.
  • Sleaford Station Business Centre 
    8 office units ranging from 97 - 883 sq ft.
  • Navigation Yard units, Sleaford
    6 units ranging from 330-410 sq ft.

Bracebridge Heath

  • St John’s Craft Workshops, Bracebridge Heath 
    8 craft workshops ranging from 194 - 674 sq ft.
  • Seven-0-Seven Churchill Business Park, Bracebridge Heath 
    14 industrial units ranging from 750 - 1,250 sq ft.


  • Aubourn Enterprise Centre, Aubourn 
    6 workshop units from 97 - 297 sq ft.


  • Moorlands Trading Estate, Metheringham 
    17 industrial units each at 1,000 sq ft.


  • Billinghay Business Park, Billinghay
    5 industrial units from 1260 - 1947 sq ft.

North Hykeham

  • Blackwood Court - North Hykeham
    Industrial Units 500SqF – 2000SqF