Public funding and grants

North Kesteven does not offer ‘grants’ to start a business. This means that in most cases, funding your business idea will be your responsibility and sources of funding will be limited to your own, or those commercially available via high street banks. This can mean that you will need to be prepared to use personal assets as security to secure a loan or an overdraft.

There are a small number of grants available nationally for very specific purposes, and most of these are accessible via Typically grant funding is ‘match funded’. This means that the grant provider will not fund the entire cost of the project but offers a percentage usually in the range 20-50%. This means that the rest of the money will need to come from other sources, usually your own.

There are a small number of Regional and County schemes which apply to certain types of business or sectors in North Kesteven and details of these can be found on our ‘Grants’ section.