Procurement Lincolnshire

Procurement Lincolnshire is a shared service partnership between seven local authorities in Lincolnshire. The members are:, City of Lincoln Council, East Lindsey District Council, Lincolnshire County Council, North Kesteven District Council, South Holland District Council, South Kesteven District Council and West Lindsey District Council. The service is formally hosted by Lincolnshire County Council on behalf of the other member partners.

Procurement is part of a wider Lincolnshire Shared Service programme which aims to be innovative in transforming the way in which services are organised and delivered to improve the customers’ experience. The Shared Services agenda supports Lincolnshire local authorities in working together to give communities a voice and striving to provide more integrated and simplified services.

Together, the seven partner authorities spend in excess of £590 million per year on the procurement of goods, services and works and we have a duty to make sure that this spending represents value for money. By working together Procurement Lincolnshire and its partner authorities will seek to deliver two clear priorities:

  • Delivering year on year efficiencies, but not at the cost of quality;
  • Developing and embracing socially responsible procurement, engaging with local and regional suppliers to promote the local economy and taking account of the social and environmental impact of spending decisions.

Balancing these two priorities will require us to adopt a mixed economy approach, evaluate tenders on the basis of whole life costs, and break down the barriers to procurement opportunities. This will require us to develop new and innovative ways in which to procure goods, services and works and to work in partnership with suppliers to drive down costs and increase service quality.

Procurement Lincolnshire demonstrates the commitment and determination of the seven local authorities in Lincolnshire to share resources and to do things differently to secure tangible savings that will benefit the people of Lincolnshire.

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