Advice for private sector landlords

North Kesteven District Council believes that:

  • Healthy private rented sectors provide additional housing choices for people
  • Most private landlords are well intentioned and anxious to do a good job
  • Landlords would benefit from encouragement, support and education to be more efficient

We, therefore, offer to work with landlords to ensure standards in the private rented sector are as high as possible and that landlords have the skills to effectively manage their properties.

In order to help fulfil this offer the Lincolnshire Landlords Website has been developed with other Lincolnshire district councils.

The Council will, however, take appropriate action to ensure a landlord complies with their legal obligations when necessary. This may include serving legal notices on a landlord. If notices are not complied with, we may prosecute and carry out works in default to ensure the health and safety of HMO residents.