Schedule 2: stocking densities - juvenile small mammals

Stocking densities

TypeNo. of animals1-45678910Minimum cage heightMinimum cage depth
Guinea pigssq. cm13501570180020202250247027003030
Mice, hamsters, gerbilssq. cm4505256006757508259002525
Puppies up to age of 12 weeks maximumsq. cm10000125001500017500200002250025000Double height at shoulder minimum 500.9m
Rabbits up to 2kg, kittens, ferrets, chinchillas, chipmunkssq. cm22502625300033753750412545004030
Ratssq. cm67578590010101125123513503030
  1. The range of behavioural opportunities for many of the animals listed above will be increased by enriching the environment with accessories.
  2. Raised shelving should be taken into consideration when assessing the total floor area.
  3. Temporary (up to six days) rehousing of adult rabbits in smaller cages than specified above should be considered as acceptable.
  4. The above recommended stocking densities are insufficient for the housing of marmosets.  Marmosets must be housed in cages sufficiently large enough to allow for natural movements, such as climbing and swinging.


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