Schedule 1: stocking densities - cage birds

  1. No species of bird shall be housed in accommodation which does not afford that species sufficient space for natural free and full wing stretching and the number of birds housed shall be such that overcrowding does not significantly reduce that freedom. Long tailed birds or birds in full plumage must be provided with properly placed perches and feeding and watering points to prevent that plumage being fouled or otherwise damaged.
    Note - This refers to the provisions of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, which should not be contravened, particularly section 8 of that Act.
  2. For perching birds, a sufficient number of perches (as appropriate) must be provided at such a height that the bird can rest its head without its head touching the top and its tail the bottom of the cage.
  3. A quality padded net should be used when catching birds in an aviary.
  4. Minimum floor areas apply to young stock. For adult stock offered for sale, the dimensions should be doubled. For advice on the age of stock, it is advisable to contact the veterinary surgeon.


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