4. Number of Animals (Dogs)

4.1       Number of Dogs Permitted

4.1.1    The maximum number of dogs to be kept at any one time will be determined by North Kesteven District Council on a case by case basis.

4.1.2    Each dog must be provided with a separate kennel except that dogs from the same household may share a kennel of adequate size with the written consent of the dogs/owner.

4.1.3    Holding kennels may be provided for temporarily kennelling a dog for not more than 24 hours.  Holding kennels, if provided, must comply with conditions as required for main kennels.  Holding kennels must be a minimum area of 2.3 sq.m.(25 sq.ft).

4.1.4    No animals other than dogs are to be boarded within the licensed facilities without the written approval of the local authority.

4.1.5    Where stray dogs are accepted by the kennels they must be kept in a separate area away from boarded dogs.

4.2       Kennel Size, Layout and Exercise Facilities

4.2.1    For new kennels each kennel must be provided with a sleeping area of at least 1.9 sq.m. (20 sq.ft.).

4.2.2    Suitable bedding equipment must be provided which allows the dog to be comfortable and which is capable of being easily and adequately cleaned and sanitised.  Such equipment must be sited out of draughts.  All bedding material must be maintained in a clean, parasite free and dry condition.

4.2.3    For new kennels each kennel must be provided with an exercise area of at least 2.46 sq.m. (26 sq.ft.) (for dogs up to 24 inches high at the shoulder) or 36 sq.ft. for larger dogs, which is separate from the bedding area and exclusive to that kennel, for free use by the dog at all times except at night.

4.2.4    Kennels must have a minimum height of 1.8m (6 ft) to facilitate adequate access by kennel staff for cleaning.

4.2.5    Kennels and exercise areas must open onto secure corridors or other secure areas so that dogs are not able to escape from the premises.

4.2.6    Exercise areas must not be used as bedding areas.


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