Societies lottery registration including 100 clubs

Societies lottery registration including 100 clubs

Local Authorities are responsible for the registration of small society lotteries. Initial registration costs £40. The annual fee for registration is £20 and will be payable in the two months prior to the anniversary of the registration. The Authority may cancel your registration if the annual fee payment is not received by the due date and a new registration will cost £40.

Returns for each registered lottery have to be completed and sent to the Authority within three months of each draw. At least 20% of the proceeds must be applied to the purpose for which the society is conducted.  The return can be signed by two members of the society who have been authorised for the purpose. The Council will provide promoters with copies of the necessary statement form.

Tickets are not restricted to a maximum price, but they must be all of the same price, contain the name and address of a person who is responsible for the lottery and the date of the draw. Tickets cannot be bought or sold by anyone who is under 16. A small society lottery is one with proceeds of up to £20,000 (of which 20% must go to purposes for which the society is conducted), a maximum single prize of £25,000, and where the aggregate total of the lotteries promoted by the society in a year do not exceed £250,000. You will be able to have a rollover of prize funds as long as the total for any single prize does not exceed £25,000 . The Authority can inspect records for any lottery so it is advisable to keep records for all unsold and returned tickets for a year after the draw.

In the download section there is the booklet entitled “Promoting Society and Local Authority lotteries” for more detailed information and the ‘Lotteries Leaflet’ for a quick guide to lotteries. There is also specific advice for ‘100 club’ style lotteries

You may like to check whether your Society needs to register and is complying with all the necessary regulations, to do this please see the “Small Society Lotteries Questionnaire” in the ‘Downloads’ table above. If you answer No to any of these questions you may like to contact us for a further discussion


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