Health and Safety at Work Complaints

What will we investigate?

We will investigate complaints concerning Health and Safety issues which affect employees, the self-employed and members of the public at workplaces for which we are the responsible Enforcement Authority, for example:

  • offices (except government offices) 
  • shops 
  • hotels 
  • restaurants 
  • leisure premises 
  • nurseries and playgroups 
  • pubs and clubs 
  • museums (privately owned) 
  • places of worship 
  • sheltered accommodation and care homes 

Complaints will be accepted from people who wish to remain anonymous, but the complainant should be aware that in such circumstances we may make judgement as to the authenticity of the nature of the complaint and we will not engage in subsequent dialogue concerning the findings of an investigation.

Help us to help you

Before formally raising a complaint about health, safety or welfare conditions in a workplace with us, try to speak to your employer or Trade Union representative about the matter first. Remember, if you've not told them, they can't take action to resolve the issues.

If you are not able to, or feel the matter has not been satisfactorily resolved, or you are a member of the public with concerns, please contact us by any means listed at the bottom of this page. Please have full details ready of the premises concerned when you contact us.

Contact details

Telephone: 01529 414155