All accepted suppliers are monitored throughout the contract period, and will be subject to several performance reviews.

The supplier must ensure that quality and performance stated in the tender documents are maintained (or improved) throughout the contract period.

The Officer of the Council responsible for the administration of the contract will be notified by users of any instances when the suppliers performance does not meet the required levels and these will be recorded for future contract reviews (unless the incident is serious enough to require immediate action).

A register of the Council's active contracts can be viewed on Proactis.

More details can be found on our partner site Procurement Lincolnshire.

Find information on the Sleaford Masterplan Refresh.

Supplier and Contractor Code of Conduct

The Supplier and Contractor Code of Conduct' establishes a framework of shared values and principles in order to build trusting, open and collaboration relationships between the Council and suppliers, in so driving improved performance throughout the Council's supply chains and enabling the Council to achieve its strategic objectives.