Business rate enquiries

Why have I been sent a reminder or summons?

Non-domestic rates are payable on demand over 10-12 monthly instalments. The details of these rates are given on your bill. If an instalment is missed, a reminder notice will be issued. If you bring your payments up to date and a future instalment is missed, a second reminder will be issued. 

In each case, if the sum outstanding is not brought up to date, a summons will be issued. If you bring your payments up to date and maintain further payments as they become due, no further action will be taken. 

Default on future instalments will result in a final notice being issued, allowing 7 days to make payment of the full year’s balance.

If the balance is not paid within the time allowed, a summons notice will be issued and you will incur an additional charge - currently of £60.00. If a liability order is granted at the magistrates’ court, a further charge of £22.50 will also be incurred.

Can I make arrangements to clear my rates?

When a bill is issued, details of the instalments payable are shown at the bottom of the bill. Payment is therefore due as stated. After a reminder, second reminder, or final notice has been issued, you should contact the business rates section to discuss an acceptable payment arrangement.

If a summons notice has been issued you should contact the business rate recovery section to discuss payment of your charge. If however, your account has been passed to the council’s Enforcement Agents you need to contact their office, the details of which are given below.

Marston Holdings
PO Box 12019
CM16 9EB
Tel: 0333 320 1822

- or -

Bristow & Sutor
B98 0FL
Tel: 0330 390 2010
WhatsApp: 07860 078 251

How do I contact the Business Rates team?

Non Domestic Rates

Revenues and Benefits
PO Box 1257

Tel: 01522 873342

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09:00-17:00 Monday - Wednesday