Extra refuse collection (bulky waste)

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We can take a variety of large or "bulky" items, such as: sofas, armchairs, bed bases, mattresses, fridges or fridge-freezers, washing machines and wardrobes. 

To see the full list, please see our online Extra Refuse Collections guide.

If any of your home goods are in a suitable and useable condition, you might consider donating them to the British Heart Foundation. See details on re-homing furniture and electricals below.


Items will be collected within approximately 5 working days upon receipt of a completed form and full payment. We ask that all items are left outside of your property where it is easy to gain access for their removal.

Payment has to be made separately for electrical and non-electrical items, as we have to collect and dispose of these separately.

Collection of 1-3 items: £37

Collection of 4-6 items: £74

Your items will be collected approximately 5 working days after you have placed the request.

Re-homing furniture and electricals

Furniture and home electrical goods in a suitable condition to be re-used may be diverted to the British Heart Foundation furniture.

Soft furnishings should carry a 1988 fire label (or more recent). Signs of general wear and tear are acceptable, but no mending should be needed.

Please note that the British Heart Foundation does not accept any gas appliances, nor any computers and that all other electrical items should be in full working order.

If you have items that fit the bill, please call the British Heart Foundation on 0844 412 5000 and select the Lincoln branch. They will arrange for a free collection of your item(s) although it is at their discretion upon seeing items whether they are suitable for resale.