Christmas Waste Collections

Christmas Collection Changes

A guide to Christmas Waste Collection changes and when your bins will need to be placed out
Christmas Week - Normal Collection Days Collection Day Changed To
Monday 25 December Saturday 23 December
Tuesday 26 December Wednesday 27 December
Wednesday 27 December Thursday 28 December
Thursday 28 December Friday 29 December
Friday 29 December Saturday 30 December
A guide to New Year Waste Collection changes and when your bins will need to be placed out
New Year Week - Normal Collection Days Collection Day Changed to
Monday 1 January Tuesday 2 January
Tuesday 2 January Wednesday 3 January
Wednesday 3 January Thursday 4 January
Thursday 4 January Friday 5 January
Friday 5 January Saturday 6 January

As always, please remember to have your bins out by 6.30am on the relevant collection day.

If you’re ever unsure which bin an item should go in, please see the Council’s Information about the waste service webpage and our Right Thing Right Bin recycling guide leaflet.

North Kesteven garden waste customers are also reminded that collections reduce in December and January. Please check your collection calendar or visit our Find My Bin day webpage to find out more about your upcoming collections.

Residents can also stay up to date by signing up for e-newsletters via our Stay Connected webpage.

Side Waste

No side waste will be collected from alongside any bins. It can instead be taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Customers have a dedicated bin for each waste stream and our focus should now be on the quality of material we collect so we can successfully recycle more. Everyone has a personal responsibility to do the right thing environmentally, and to think about minimising their waste by reducing, reusing and recycling. 

You can take any side waste to a household waste recycling centre.

A-Z Guide of Christmas Waste

Households can check the right bin for certain items anytime using our A-Z guide of waste and recycling, but here we have a run-down of some festive items:

A guide explaining which bin you can place common Christmas related items in.
Item Bin
Christmas cards If there’s no foil or glitter, put in your purple or purple-lidded bin. If there is, tear it in two and put the glitter or foil side in the black bin to be made into electricity and the plain side in your purple or purple-lidded bin. Or reuse as tags!
Wrapping paper If plain – with no glitter or foil – pop in your purple or purple-lidded bin. Take off what tape you can. If it has glitter or foil put in the black bin only to be made into electricity, or why not reuse for paper chain decorations?
Ribbons, tags, string Reuse wherever you can or put in the black bin only.
Gift bags Stash them away for next year! If not, paper ones with no glitter or foil can go in your purple or purple-lidded bin with any string or ribbon handles removed.
Tin trays and foil Green-lidded bin only if dry and clean. If dirty/greasy put in the black bin only to be made into electricity.
Crackers (used) The card outer can go in your purple or purple-lidded bin provided there’s no foil or glitter. So can the paper hats and jokes inside.
Sweet and chocolate wrappers Clean tinfoil-type wrappers can go in your green-lidded bin. Make sure soft plastic wrappers go in the black bin only!
Sweet tubs The plastic tubs can go in your green-lidded bin, as can metal tins. Sweet bags and pouches must go to soft plastic collection points or in your black bin only.
Selection boxes The cardboard sleeve can go in your purple or purple-lidded bin clean and dry. The plastic tray goes in your green-lidded bin,unless brown or black plastic which must go in the black bin only.
Advent calendars The cardboard outer sleeve or box can go in your purple or purple-lidded bin clean and dry. The inner plastic tray can go in your green-lidded bin unless it is brown or black plastic. Any thin plastic attached needs to be removed - if not the whole tray must go in the black bin.
Old toys Donate if in good condition, or if not put in the black bin provided they don't contain electronics or batteries. Alternatively, take to Household Waste Recycling Centres.
Batteries can go to collection points in shops, and electronics donated or taken to a Household Waste Recycling Centre.
Takeaway packaging Unless clear or light coloured plastic tubs and trays which can go in the green-lidded bin if clean and dry, other takeaway packaging can’t be recycled and must go in your black bin.
Christmas trees If real – chop up into small pieces and put in your brown garden waste bin. Some charities offer collection, or it can go to your Household Waste Recycling Centre.
If artificial – these can’t be recycled at home. Can you donate or turn branches into décor for next year? If all else fails – take to a Household Waste Recycling Centre.
Batteries It’s important that batteries or electronics never go in your household bins as these cause a fire risk. Please take them instead to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre. Batteries can also be dropped off at collection points in shops.

Households can also try out these tips to first reduce and reuse their waste:

Shop to recycle: when choosing your cards and wrappings think ahead to whether you’ll be able to recycle them. Also check for the FSC logo to ensure the materials are from sustainable sources.

Think long-term: is that gift going to last? Is it over-packaged? Think about whether the item is worth your cash or if a more sustainable option is available. Experiences or home-made coupons for activities make great gifts instead.

Curb food waste: we all enjoy some festive treats, but research shows more than 50% of food purchased in ‘the big shop’ ends up in the bin. Supermarkets aren’t closed for long, so be realistic about how much you need to buy.

Have fun with upcycling: the fronts of last year’s cards make great gift tags, and gift bags can be used this way too. Instead of investing in more baubles, have a crafty session updating your old ones and making them new again.