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Role of a Councillor

Councillors (also known as Members) are normally elected for four year terms, and play a very important role in the running of the Council. Councillors are elected by local people to plan, run, monitor and develop Council business.

Councillors work to improve the quality of life for people within their area and make decisions about local issues. They have to decide what is in the public interest amidst a range of conflicting issues and views. Councillors usually represent a Political Party; however, they can be Independent. All Councillors represent all the citizens in their ward.

Some Councillors have other special responsibilities such as the Leader of the Council, or Chairmen of Committees.

It is up to each individual Councillor how they work, but role of a Councillor is to: 

  1. Effectively represent the interests of their ward and individual constituents
  2. Actively encourage community participation and bring community views into the Council’s decision-making process
  3. Respond to constituents’ enquiries and representations, fairly and with impartiality
  4. Participate in the governance and management of the Council
  5. Contribute collectively to strategic and policy issues
  6. Be available to represent the Council on other organisations
  7. Balance different, often conflicting interests
  8. Maintain the highest standards of conduct and ethics

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Last updated: 22 January 2015

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