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Council Services:

Councillor's expenses

Each of our 43 Councillors receives a ‘basic allowance’ to reflect the work they do as local representatives. They can also claim for:-

  • Special Responsibility Allowances, which are paid to Chairs and Deputy Chairs of Committees, Leader of the Council, Members of the Cabinet and Leaders of Opposition Parties.
  • Childcare / carers allowance, which Members can claim for a when attending to council business.
  • Travel and subsistence expenses can also be claimed by Councillors to cover their costs when they are required to travel for approved duties.
  • ICT allowance, to cover printing costs.

In addition to directly paid expenses, we also provide our Councillors with a Blackberry to to assist them in carrying out their duties.

A list of Councillors expenses can be found in the Downloads tab above.

Independent remuneration panel

The Local Authorities (Members’) Allowance (England) Regulations 2003 put in place a simplified framework for allowances that covers county and district councils, London borough councils, and parish councils.

We are unable to revoke or amend our scheme of allowances without first considering the recommendations of an independent panel. The Council can decide to either accept none, some, or all of the Panel’s recommendations but it must take into account the Panel’s findings before it either amends its existing scheme or introduces a new scheme.

Under the Regulations, we must publish in local newspapers details of all the amounts paid to each councillor under our allowance scheme for the previous year.

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Last updated: 15 April 2015

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