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UK Parliamentary elections, qualifications and disqualifications

Notice of parliamentary election expenses

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  • Must be 18 years of age.
  • Must be a qualifying Commonwealth (including British) citizen or a Republic of Ireland citizen.


  • Those listed in the House of Commons (Disqualification) Act 1975 (including civil servants, members of the regular armed forces, judges, police and AROs)
  • Bankrupts (under sections 426A and 427 of the insolvency Act 1986)
  • Being convicted or found personally guilty by an election court of a corrupt or illegal practice.
  • Peers of Parliament (including Scottish peers and a peeress in her own right)
  • Being a person convicted of offences and in receipt of a sentence of imprisonment exceeding one year whilst detained or whilst unlawfully at large.
  • Conviction and detention fro treason.
  • Mental disability.
  • A sitting member.

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Last updated: 7 September 2015

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