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Council Services:

Overview and scrutiny

Overview and scrutiny is a separation from the decision-making body of the Council, the Executive Board. At North Kesteven District Council, the Overview and scrutiny function is carried out by the following three panels:

These Panels have a role in monitoring the performance of the Council and the Executive Board by challenging performance information and reviewing how policies contribute to the Council’s priorities. The scrutiny process is the opportunity for elected Members to examine the various functions of the Council, consider decisions, ask questions on how and why decisions have been made, investigate whether service improvements could be made, and make appropriate recommendations.

Overview and Scrutiny also has the role of scrutinising external organisations providing public services and also provides opportunities for public involvement and debate. Residents may attend meetings of the Panels and contribute to their investigations whenever public views are invited. The Panels can allow residents to have a greater say by holding reviews/ inquiries in public into matters of general local concern.

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Last updated: 14 October 2015

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