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Council Services:

Pre-application advice

Before making a planning application, you can discuss your proposal with us to find out whether the principles of your proposal are acceptable or not in planning terms. We are able to provide you with professional advice and information if you are considering submitting a development proposal. This is known as the pre-application planning service.

Please note that if you would like advice relating to a residential property, read the Householder Enquiry Form.

The benefits of using this service

  • We can explain how planning policies and other requirements affect your proposals
  • We can give you a Planning Officer’s informal view on the merits of your proposal and advice on what you will need to do to submit a valid planning application
  • You can save time, costs and frustration and optimise the potential of a site, and avoid unacceptable proposals
  • We can identify at an early stage in the development process the need for specialist input (e.g. listed buildings, trees, noise, highways advice, flood risk)

Detailed guidance on how to make a request for pre-application planning advice is set out in the Guidance Note. The Council will require a minimum level of information in order to properly assess a development proposal, and which is clearly set out in the Guidance Note.

When considering a request for pre-application planning advice, the Council will provide advice that will include the following;

  • Identify the main ‘material planning considerations’
  • Identify what planning constraints apply to the site
  • Offer an appraisal of the proposal against the relevant policies of the Local Plan and National Guidance
  • Comment on any other factors that are relevant or material to the proposal
  • Review of the relevance of any planning history associated with the site
  • Offer recommendations and suggestions for the next steps

What does it cost?

The Council makes a charge for providing pre-application planning advice. The level of fees is determined by the type of development being proposed. Details of the schedule of fees is available from the Downloads tab. You can obtain general planning advice and details of how to go about submitting a planning application free of charge, but a detailed assessment of a particular development proposal will be subject to fee being payable.

Please Remember

Planning Officers will help you as much as they can. However, the advice that you will be given is informal only and made without prejudice to the final decision of the Council on your planning application.

Important Information

Do I need planning permission?

You can find out if you need planning permission here.

Pre-application advice fees

Downloadable document for pre-application advice fees.

Restrictions on Permitted Development Rights

Permitted development rights are provided by the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 (the GPDO).

Money advice

Find help and advice about money

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Last updated: 28 September 2015

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