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Council Services:

Looking for a home

  • Image of plans

    Allocation scheme

    Download our allocation scheme here.

  • A picture of a building being constructed

    Building new houses

    North Kesteven District Council has a strong commitment meeting demand for quality affordable housing in the area.

  • Garage

    Council garages

    The District Council has a number of garages located within the District which it rents out to residents.

  • Housing

    Exchange your home

    Where a tenant swaps their property and tenancy with another tenant

  • Housing Advice and Homelessness


    Information on homelessness

  • Photograph of a pile of newspapers

    Register for housing

    The Council holds a list, a housing register, of everyone seeking social housing in North Kesteven. 

  • Help to pay your rent

    Worried about losing your home

    Information for people worried about losing their home including support for evictions.

Rent balance

Check your rent balance online by clicking on the button below.

Check here

Money advice

Find help and advice about money

Check here

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Last updated: 30 March 2015

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