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What is TIPPs

The Training in Public Procurement Partnership (TiPPs) does exactly that. The partnership of Lincolnshire Procurement, seven local authorities, big public sector organisations, Lincoln University and the MOD supported by local business organisations, provides local businesses with the training they need to tender for and win public sector contracts in Lincolnshire. The training is provided by procurement professionals and is free.

TiPPs is in part a local response to a growing trend that looked for greater efficiencies in public procurement, but which by seeking ever greater economies of scale also disadvantages local firms who are unable to compete. A trend towards larger contracts inevitably favoured larger firms with potentially damaging consequences for the local economy. Today there is a better understanding of the economic benefits of using local suppliers and keeping local money circulating locally but EU regulations still apply to many larger public sector contracts and so businesses are still required to follow strict procedures. Understanding the rules and regulations and learning how the tender process works is a distinct advantage and TiPPs tries to make sure that local businesses have all the ammunition they need to navigate their way through the tender process.

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Last updated: 29 October 2013

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