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Buy local

The campaign

One of the recurring topics that emerged from business consultation undertaken through out Lincolnshire in 2010 was the need for more local procurement to assist local businesses recovering from the recession.

Businesses felt that Lincolnshire authorities should more actively promote the practice of local procurement, ensuring that local businesses, and in particular SME businesses, are not left out of the supply chain and from the public procurement process. Although a significant level of procurement activity is undertaken in partnership with Procurement Lincolnshire, (with tendering procedures set out in line with the partnership agreement and the European Regulations), the local economy/supply chains can be supported more directly by local authorities through low value procurement (usually below £25,000), where the authority can exercise greater local purchasing discretion.

Why local matters

  • Buying locally, supports local jobs and income and improves the well-being of local communities; your support for locally owned businesses ensures more money gets re-circulated in the Lincolnshire economy instead of pouring out to nationally/internationally owned companies. This is not only through your individual purchase -locally owned businesses often purchase from other local businesses/service providers;
  • You reduce your organisations carbon footprint - local procurement is often the greenest option;
  • You engage, at a practical level with the Government’s Localism agenda by directly contributing to sustainable local economic growth and engagement with the local business community.

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Last updated: 11 August 2015

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